iPhone SE 2 will be released next month, and the 3.5mm headphone jack will be abandoned

The supplier of iPhone shell said that Apple will release the highly focused iPhone SE 2 in this May, although it is not finally decided yet. It is said that this device will be applied with A10 Fusion, which is used in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus released in 2016. It is much more improved, compared to the previous version of iPhone SE, which is applied with A9 fusion.

In order to make the new product more fashionable and updated, it is said that this device would abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, for the 3D shape, the new one will be very similar to iPhone SE.

It is likely the shell of iPhone SE 2 exposed.

It is said that it is hard to distinguish the new iPhone SE 2 from the previous version from the front. The Touch ID is kept, and it doesn’t have the bang screen or the Face ID function. However, the new cellphone will use glass back, and have the wireless charging fuction. This is pretty good.

In general, this iPhone SE 2 is the updated version of iPhone SE 1. It is still positioned as entry leveled iphone, just like MacBook Air, which is positioned as the s entry leveled computer. The design of the outline will keep the same, and will be used for years as long as the configuration is OK. We wonder that how many people are looking forward to this iPhone SE 2.


Apple will push out them in 2018: updated iPhone X, large one and inexpensive one

Apple Incorporation will release 3 new iPhones in the next half year, of which the screen size of the one is larger than all the models of iPhone in the past. Another one is the updated one of the current iPhone X with the same size, and the other one is a comparatively inexpensive model with some features of flagship models

It is said that Apple Incorporation has already tested for the new products with the suppliers, these new iPhones are more likely to be released in the new product releasing meeting of this autumn. However, the release plan hasn’t been determined yet, and it may be changeable.

Apple Incorporation doesn’t make a comment on this thing at once.

In the earlier time of this month, Apple Incorporation predicted that the profits in the second season would be from 60 billion to 62 billion dollars. This prediction was the unreachable sale expectation in the course of the Christmas shopping season last year, many media pointed out that the demands of iPhone X for the consumers were made after fatigued and weak. Since iPhone X had been released last year, the sale was not reached as expected. Apple Incorporation sold out 77.3 million iPhones in the fourth season of last year, which is lower than the expectation of 80.2 million made by the analyst.

With the stability of the global smartphone, the telephone manufacturers pay attention to exploit the new feature to make the consumers eliminate the current phones in advance and purchase the new products.

Samsung electronics has released the new flagship model Galaxy S9 in more recent with the furnished new camera, this model emphasizes on creating more visual applications for social media, to attract more of younger consumers. S9 has a voice assistant drove by artificial intelligent technology and it has more of social media functions than the past.

It is said by Peng Boshe that the one with the biggest screen among 3 new iPhones will be furnished with 6.5- inch screen, it is like a tablet computer, which caters to the consumers who expect to realize the multitasking operation of tablet for the phone. This will be one of the smartphones with the biggest screen, and the size of the phone will be similar to iPhone 9 Plus, which will ascribe to the narrower frame design. The bigger screen will also attract the commercial users, to make them send the mail and edit the spreadsheet on the phone more convenient. The same as iPhone 8 Plus, the new model can realize some screen splitting modes for some applications.

It is said by the insiders that the code of iPhone with a big screen is D33, the screen resolution is 1242 x 2688, and it will be furnished with the function of Face ID. The code of another updated iPhone is D32. These new iPhones will be furnished with more outstanding A12 processor.


Investigation: about 80% of Americans buy iPhone via operators

Every year when the new products of Apple are released, many people would choose to wait in the line in front of Apple Store to get one, aiming to get the new device at the first time. However, according to the latest investigation, the main sales channel of iPhone is not buying directly from the official websites of Apple. Instead, in many areas of America, it still largely depends on the operators. Recently, CIRP send a questionnaire to the 2000 customers who have bought Apple products these days, finding that only 10% of the iPhones are bought from Official channel. There are only 5% of the iPhones bought from best-buy. Most of the users in America are bought via the channel of operators.

Although the operator channel increases the sale volume of Apple, it also means that part of the profits of Apple goes to the pocket of operators. So Apple officially carry the plan of changing the new with the old, and annual redemption plan to attract customers buying from the official channel.


Uncover the face recognition lens of iPhone X! Microsoft is surpeised.

For Apple, iPhone X is a revolutionary cellphone. Except the full screen design, the most revolutionary one is the Face ID. As the cellphone is not yet for sale, people are worrying about the face recognition, and start saying something bad.

Actually, Apple has already fully prepared for the worries of Face ID. They insist that people will worry about the new functions, and that the worries will be wiped out after they have experienced the new functions. The official also says that your face ID information is all stored in the cellphone itself, and it won’t be revealed to others.

It is worth noticing that the Face ID is rapid and accurate, which owes to the 3D lens. It is made by PrimeSense, who made the design of Kinect hardware in Micorsoft before Apple acquire it in 2013. Then you can regard the 3D lens and its face ID function as a new Kinect (they are both based on the infrared ray detection.)

Of course, different from the original Kinect, Apple’s face ID mainly depends on the lens and sensor to scan the face information and judge different scenes. Aplle also insist on the conference that the front lens and sensor will scan 30 thousand different point, and then form a complete dynamic 3D network of the user’ face. And this is also its strong point.

Apple is never the best inventor of technique but they indeed is the best combinatory for techniques. They will have proper new software as long as they have hardware. They are always good at this tiny creativity.


First time to show clearly, new iPhone in 2018 is exposed!

It is a trend that the market always prefers the new electronic products compared to the old. It is predictable that after the release of iPhone 8, which is talked so much now, people will look forward to the products of 2018, without any sympathy for the products of 2017.

According to the reports of Daily Economy, many people are exposing that Apple will release three new cellphones with OLED screens in 2018, which might be called iPhone 9?

As the confidentiality of Apple is getting worse and worse, the news from Daily Economy is not coming out of nothing. What’s more, Daily Economy is a medium of high authority. According to the basic rules of cellphone industry, it takes at least 2 to 3 full years to develop a new generation of iPhone.

In fact, it is almost conformed that iPhone 8, iPhone of the 10th anniversary version this year will be equipped with OLED screen while iPhone 7s/7s Plus are not the same. They will be still staying with LED screen.

It is predicted that Apple will abandon the LCD productions from year 2019.

Why OLED is chosen? This is probably related with the fingerprint technique. From the second generation of ultrasonic fingerprint published by Qualcomm, it can only go through the invisible design of OLED screen. This is the key reason.

In addition, MBP with touchbar, and Apple Watch have already applied with OLED. Apple has this kind of experiences. With the joining of LG for the production of smaller size, Apple finds its reliable supplier. Everything seems to go smoothly.

It is worth mentioning that Korea Herald has already exposed that iPhone 9 has at least 5.28 inches and 6.46 inches designs.


These users will get changed for sure! iPhone 8 starts: the orders exceed

iPhone 8 will start the small quantity production officially next month (actually they are in pilot run now), and Apple has already sent out quite a lot orders.

It is mentioned in the report that Apple now is in the final negotiation with the suppliers of iPhone 8’s core components, aiming to guarantee the percentage of component of good quality in production.

People in supply chain emphasis that the orders sent out by Apple for iPhone 8 are really amazing, whose total quantity is more than iPhone 7 but a little bit less than iPhone 6. However, iPhone 6 owes the biggest quantity of orders before releasing in all the iPhone series. The media from Korea reported earlier that Samsung is planning to provide Apple with 72 million soft OLED screens this year.
This time, Apple dare to release so many orders for iPhone 8, indicating the great confidence of Apple. First of all, the appearance of new phone will change greatly. For those Apple fans who are tired of iPhone’s appearance, this is of course a good attraction. Next, there are still many users of iPhone 6.

Yesterday, according to the data of Localytics, a analysis company in Boston, iPhone 6 users make up the most percentage of all iPhone users, reaching 28%, followed by iPhone 6S and iPhone 7(23.4%).

From another point of view, iPhone 6 will be the major barrier for changing to Iphone 8. Apple clearly knows this.


It is said that Apple will release three new iPhones in September, and iPhone 8 is coming as scheduled

It is the 10th year of the foundation of Apple. Many Apple fans are guessing that Apple will release a new iPhone for memory. Although rumors are going about, the official news has not been confirmed yet. Last week, Apple quietly updates its official website and released iPhone 7 of special China red, which attracts many people. However, many fans indicate that they are not expecting the new colored iPhone 7. Instead, they are more looking forward to the iPhone 8, which is said to be upgraded much. Some news said that iPhone 8 will be released this September, but it would be very hard to get one.
Recently, some media indicte Samsung is preparing for the OLED pad. Samsung also exposed that Apple is doing test for the OLED iPad. It is worth mentioning that Samsung display is supplying the OLED screen for new iPhone 8 this year. Because of the shortage of the supply, it is very hard to supply OLED Pad and computer screens. From this, there is a great possibility that iPhone 8 will use OLED screen. But owing to the complicated processing, the production will not be sufficient at the beginning.
According to the exposure before, except for the OLED screen, iPhone 8 will have wireless charge, 3D sensor techonology, AR, no home touch design, mental frame, double glasses, and so on. If it is real, it is really worth expecting.

Many analysts in Barclays Bank also said that this September Apple will release three new iPhones. Except iPhone8, the other two are the upgraded version for iPhone 7/7 Plus. It is a rare time for releasing three iPhones together. Apple makes great efforts for its 10th anniversary. What the exact performance, we will uncover this at the releasing conference.


iPhone 8 will be released as scheduled, but with very limited quantity at the beginning

Recently, the rumors about iPhone 8 are coming and going around. After all, it is one of the most worth expecting phone. It is said that the design of iPhone 8 has many breakthroughs, including the OLED screen and the wireless charging. There is also news going that iPhone 8 will be released in this September. But the quantity at the beginning is very limited, which make it very hard to get one.
Many analysts in Barclays Bank said that iPhone8 will be released in this September as scheduled. However, the quantity at the beginning is very limited, which would not be improved until the forth quarter. The complicated processing is the main reason for the shortage of iPhone 8 at the beginning. In addition, the analysts indiated that Apple will release 3 new iPhones, and the other two are the upgraded version for iPhone 7/7 Plus.


Don’t want to depend on others for iPhone component, Apple plan to compete to by internal storage of Toshiba

Apple, Foxconn, and TSMC all want to buy most of the shares of Toshiba internal storage. Other competitors include: Microsoft, Hynix, Micron Technology, Western Digital and so on. Toshiba requires all the competitors to estimate the flash memory business over 2 trillion Japanese Yen(17.6 billion USD), and to buy at least 50% of the shares . The board of Toshiba will hold the last meeting on Friday, and have the temporary shareholders’ meeting in March. They will decide whether to sell in the late March. The selling of shares starts in April the soonest, and will probably finish at the end of May.

The results of selling might have great influence on Apple, as Toshiba is the biggest internal storage supplier of Apple. The news that Toshiba may sell its internal storage business first appeared in 2015 when Toshiba sold its imaging sensor business to Sony.
Toshiba has to take a series of changes after its scandal of fake profits in financial report. When considering selling its internal storage business, Toshiba planned to sell at most 20% shares so that Toshiba can still be in control of this business. Toshiba is the second largest internal storage chip supplier in the world. Although Toshiba is poor in its finance, the internal storage business achieved 110billion Japanese Yen profits (about 0.9735 billion USD).

On Feb. 14th, Toshiba exposed that if fierce actions are not taken, its net assets is going to reduce to 150 billion Japanese Yen (less than 1.3 billion USD). Toshiba said it is because of the scandal of financial report and the loss in its nuclear energy business. Apple or other key suppliers’ investments to Toshiba is of great use. Although the prices are low, the quantity is guaranteed. To achieve the max profits, Apple usually pushes its suppliers to provide a better agreement.


To meet the boosting demand of iPhone 7 Plus, Apple finds another manufacturer

Foxconn has always been the biggest manufacturer of Apple, which covers almost 60%–70% of Apple’s total orders. In order to avoid the situation of monopoly of one company, Pegatron Tech and Wistron have been in the team of Apple. However, the orders for the two company are very small when compared to Foxconn. Now news coming from supply chain shows that it is predicted that Pegatron Tech will take 5%–10% orders of iPhone (5.5 inches), breaking the monopoly situation of Foxconn.
For now, the orders for Pegatron Tech are mainly 4.7 inches iPhone. But with the increasing popularity of iPhone7 Plus, Apple increases the percentage of 5.5 inches iPhone. Now in the production, the percentage of big screen version iPhone has greatly grown.
The latest news shows that iPhone 7 Plus has made up 40% of the total orders of iPhone 7 series, increasing 10% when compared to the data of last two years (iPhone 6/6s Plus). News from supply chain indicates that the percentage of 5.5 inch iphone will keep growing next year. It was said that Apple will release 3 new iPhone next year, including the improved versions for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the 5.2 inch version (or the 5.8 inch version).